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Big Basin Sage


This sagebrush is a course many branched pale shrub. It is an evergreen and it can grow to heights between 3 and 9 feet. It has laterally spreading roots near the surface allowing it to gather water from both surface precipitation and water found several feet below ground. Upon closer inspection this plants pale color comes from its leaves which are covered in fine silvery hairs.

This plant is native to southwest Northern America deserts.

grows in arid and semi-arid conditions, throughout a range of cold desert, and mountain habitats in the Intermountain West of North America.

This plants flowers are actually the state flower of Nevada. These flowers are small and yellow. They grow in long loosely arranged clusters.


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Bush Germander


Rounded evergreen shrub growing to 6′ tall and wide. Gray green foliage. Zone 8-10

Native to the Mediterranean.

Full sun. Very drought tolerant once established.

Lavender blossoms in spring and fall.


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Desert Globe Mallow


The Desert Globe Mallow is a perennial shrub that can grow up to 3 feet tall and spreads 2-3 feet in maturity. The leaves grow on long stems and are fuzzy and deeply lobbed. It’s fruit contains numerous seeds and it blooms in the spring.

Native in southwest U.S to northwest Mexico.

This plant grows well in alkaline soil, both sandy or clay and usually in the company of the Creosote Bush. Good to grow in zones 6-10.

The Desert Globe Mallow produces flowers that can range from pink to bright orange and are about an inch and a half in width.


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