Cacti and Succulents

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Argentine Giant


This is typically a clump forming cactus, it tends to lean on one side and forms pups at its base and usually has 9-11 ribs. Its spines are yellowish plentiful and can be up to 10cm long.


Flowers are bright white inside with yellow centers and pinkish outsides. These flowers are large and quite fragrant. These flowers are nocturnal and will only open at sunset. It usually blooms in late spring but can be as mid march and late as September.


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Banana Yucca


This cactus has leaves 30–100 cm long with more of a blue-green color, and short or nonexistent trunks.

Native to the deserts of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.

Desert shrub and grasslands.

This plant blooms between April and July. The flowers range from 5-13 cm long and are a whitish cream with purple shades. The flower stalk is not particularly tall only ranging from 1-1.5 meters. The cylindrical fruit it pruduces is fleshy and sweet rangi


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Beaked Yucca


This is a slow growing tree like Yucca with upright stems and gray-blue narrow foliage and can grow up to 15 feet tall. Its long leaves form a dense rosette on top of its stems. Old leaves fall off to leave a fibrous soft covering on the trunk.

Southwest US.

Large clusters of white flower blooms appear on yellow orange colored stalks that rise above the foliage on mature plants in late spring.


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