From our Garden to Yours…

All grown in Northern Arizona!

We produce our own annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, trees, shrubs, cacti and native plants from seed or cuttings.

Verde River Growers, in the heart of Cottonwood, covers 15 acres. One acre, with 10 greenhouses, is solely dedicated to bedding plants.

All of our beautiful, mature plants are capable of growing strongly anywhere throughout the Verde Valley & Northern Arizona. Because they are grown in Arizona, these plants are acclimated to our harsh environment, and therefore more likely to thrive in your yard.

We are truly excited to be able to grow healthier plants with a mindful eye on the environment. Most garden centers have to ship plants in from other states, but in our unique way – by growing locally – we cut our carbon emissions immensely.

Since 2005, we have grown for garden centers throughout the state. We are also a leading source of high quality plants for landscapers and commercial businesses in the Verde Valley & beyond. Our location and exceptional dedication to growing plants for Arizona offers an advantage to all our customers.

Our Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff Will:

• Help you find plants for low water landscaping

• Help you learn to grow your own fruits & vegetables

• Help you find the right kind of shade trees, and much more!


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